This was the destiny of
Fred Hargeshiemer.

  There are three possible things that you can spend in life, your time, your money or your talents. I have never met anyone who has spent all three so well….and still has change in his pocket.

  Fred gives us all an invitation, mostly by example. Some will miss it, but if you’re watching carefully, eyes truly open passed just seeing, you will come to learn what it is you need most for a life well spent.

  In order to survive in any jungle you will need faith. Faith in your fellow man, that in the end, they will show up.

  You will need to have the hope and trust that good things can come out of what appears to be tragedy.

  You of course will need love, the love that says I am you and you are me, we are one.

  You will need compassion, patience, and forgiveness because sometimes it may appear that you are alone with your fear.

  As Fred did, in a jungle, among strangers, half way across the world. Sitting in the nest, of a large tree, for hours, waiting for his friends to return knowing that some day, if he lived, he too would return and bring his wife Dorthy, they would bring friendship, his honored promise to return and gratitude in the form of a School that fell from the sky.

  So the truth is, we honor this man for a life of days well spent.

  We come together to celebrate the humanity of Fred Hargeshiemer, the humanity that could be with us all, the humanity that should be with us all.