The word adventure comes from a Latin root meaning
“arrival,” but almost any adventure entails a going out.

The Diary of the 8th Photo Squadron New Guinea

Saturday, June 5th 1943

Once again we face an empty chair as word comes from Dobodura that
Lt. Frederic Hargesheimer has been missing since 1700 o’clock this evening. Our finest reconnaissance pilot and one of the mainstays around which this squadron has been built, he will be sorely missed, first – as one of our finest friends and second – for the work and talent of which he was so unsparing.

Hargey was flying the coastline recco of New Britain and his last radio message placed him at open Bay. Men have come out of that area before and will again. If there is the slightest chance, Hargey is a good bet to make it. It is our fervent hope and prayer that such is the case.

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